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Mechanics Note

Mechanic notes:

A) Distributor that won't connect.

(Solution) Reset.  Disable all bluetooth, connect the black wire to the powered red wire and turn ignition switch to on position. Watch the blue light thru the translucent cap. It will start flashing and when it stops the ignition is reset. It also erases any password codes and restores it to the default 1234. Curve information is not erased.


B) If Distributor seems to loose program – Actually was never saved

(Solution) (Write) program to the distributor.

When programing:

1) after you enter the data into the data field hit (Done) on the (keypad). 

2) when you are satisfied with your changes hit (Done) on the top right corner of the (app).

3) Finally, (Write) your changes to the distributor by hitting the write button in the top right corner of the app.


C) Two new app features.

You will see these when you hit the edit centrifugal curve on the Curves page.


First: is the enable rev limiter. It is on by default and can be switched off.


Second: right under the Rev Limiter you will see static advance. This is for those who set their distributor to a static time. Whatever value you put in will be shown on the Dashboard top left corner (in the Crankshaft Advance) as a preset static advance so you can see what your actual timing is. I suggest they try it on the app to get familiar with it's function.