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Definition of Models:

Bluetooth Programmable = Program with Phone or device.

Android 123\TUNE+ or Apple 123\TUNE

PC Programmable = Program with a PC, Download software and cable required 

Switched = Preset curves you select via a switch.


We love to help, please use our contact tab above. See the help button for installation issues.

These distributors have state of the art electronics. You should have a good understanding of the basic principles for installing distributors. ALWAYS! confirm your timing at the crankshaft against a point in the app with a timing light. This will sync the app and the motor.

If you do not feel qualified please reach out to your mechanic.

Curve Tutorial

Understanding the Bluetooth 123ignition App Functions

1) Import File = import files stored on the app

2) Read = reads the current curve stored in the distributor

3) Save = saves the file you made to the app on the phone, not the distributor.

4) Write = saves or writes the file you made to the distributor.


Standard ignition curve including vacuum advance