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1.If I start the car without turning on the app, what advance does the car use?It uses the curve you have last stored. (when you hit the write button there should be a flag on the screen that your curve has been saved.

2. When I start the car and turn on the app, does the 123 automatically select one of my 2 curves? If so, which one? Unlike the PC programmable, Bluetooth only stores one curve in the distributor. This curve is used by default each time you start the car. You can store as many curve files as you want in the app folder.

3. Can I change curves on the fly? If not, how do I change curves? No, you cannot change curves on the fly like the PC model.You must stop, turn off the motor, turn the ignition switch to on but do not start the motor. Pull the file up from either your app folder or hit edit to change the existing file. Once the appropriate curve is displayed write it to the distributor. Remember to watch the display screen for the confirmation that the curve is saved.

4. If I advance or retard a curve during operation, i.e., while the engine is running, can I save the newly advanced/retarded curve? If so, how? No, you cannot save the points you have changed while in the tuning mode. You must make a note of what you want and stop the engine. Then follow the procedure in (3) while you are in the edit mode.

5. How do I know the 123 is really using a selected curve? 

To see what curve is in your distributor open the app and hit the read button.


6. How can I save multiple curves?

You can create as many curves as you like without connecting to the distributor and save them in a folder. Go to “Files”>”Create”. Don’t forget to name each a different name.



Hope this helps