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Instructional Videos and FAQ

 Introductory Videos


123Ignition = Perfect Timing. Made in the Netherlands

We are your US Supplier

Three models available in a number of different housings:

1) Switched Models - These are pre programmed, You select the curve you want using a little switch

2) Tune+ Bluetooth Models - These are BLUETOOTH Wireless units, Program them with your Device.  Available in Android and Apple.

3) TUNE+ with D-Jet Support These are BLUETOOTH Wireless units, Program them with your Device.  Available in Android and Apple.

4) TUNE USB Models - Program in your own curve using a Computer, connected by USB cable.

The 123ignition story

123ignition: the ignition specialist for classic cars

123ignition is a worldwide respected brand of ignition systems for classic cars. The distributors are produced with respect for the classic design and character of the car. Despite the classic appearance, the ignition contains the most modern electronics. This will guarantee a powerful spark with a perfect timing. 123ignition is continuously working on expanding and perfecting its product assortment.

123ignition chooses local production

123ignition stands for quality products. We work with a passionate team to create excellent products. This passion for technology and classic cars play an important role. A 123ignition is produced with the most care and consistency at our Dutch factory. Every item is tested extensively before it leaves the factory. This way, the excellent quality is guaranteed.

How it all started

123ignition has been active in the field of classic cars for more than 15 years and through this became a respected brand. The company started in 1992 and from 2001 fully focused on electronic ignition systems. The first prototype ignition was born out of passion a couple of years before. A project was started to provide an electronic ignition for a Citroën 2CV. This turned out to be such a great success that the project was turned into a product. Meanwhile, the assortment expanded more and more, and we can now offer a suitable product for many old timers.

 Instructional videos are from the mfg in the Netherlands

 We are your US Supplier of 123Ignitions.

 Three Models to choose from. Programmable - USB and Bluetooth connections and Pre Programed- Switched. These formats are dedicated and not shared between 123ignitions. 

What is the difference? 

Switched Models have 16 pre mapped curves selectable by a switch.

"TUNE" Models are programmable using a computer Windows based PC. The Bluetooth TUNE+  is programmable using an Apple or Android Device. (See your app store) 

Advantage of the Tune and TUNE+, you can adjust any point along the curve without effecting the whole. You can zero in on the power band without effecting the start up advance or max (all in) advance. 

Spark Balancing

Spark balancing is an advanced technology normally used in Formula 1, where engine speeds are tremendously high. This technique is built into this distributor. Its microprocessor constantly monitors the amount of energy contributed by each individual cylinder. Assume for example that the compression of one cylinder differs from the others. The motion of the flywheel would be less smooth, and so is the motion of the camshaft. This distributor detects this, and adjusts the timing of each cylinder individually. This results in a much quieter engine, more power and less wear. 




A couple of videos from Jim Perry featured on our front page running a Volvo 1800 before and after the 123 install






1. How can I sync the app with the motor. Here are two suggestions.


1) Set a program in your app to 20* across all rpm's. Start the motor and verify that you have 20* at the crank. If you do not simply loosen the distributor and adjust it until you do. Once you have 20* at the crank, tighten the distributor down. The app is now synchronized with the motor and you can now confidently add a program of your choice and know that it is accurate.




2) Pick any point along the curve and verify with a timing light that the point on the app is the same at the crank. If not loosen the distributor and adjust it until you do. Then lock it down.


2.If I start the car without turning on the app, what advance does the car use? It uses the curve you have last stored. (when you hit the write button there should be a confirmation on the screen that your curve has been saved.) 

3. When I start the car and turn on the app, does the 123 automatically select one of my 2 curves? If so, which one? Unlike the PC programmable, Bluetooth only stores one curve in the distributor. This curve is used by default each time you start the car. You can store as many curve files as you want in the apps folder.

4. Can I change curves on the fly? If not, how do I change curves? No, you cannot change curves on the fly like the PC model.You must stop, turn off the motor, turn the ignition switch to the on position, but do not start the motor. Pull the file up from either your app folder or hit edit to change the existing file. Once the appropriate curve is displayed write it to the distributor. Remember to watch the display screen for the confirmation that the curve is saved.

5. If I advance or retard a curve during operation, i.e., while the engine is running, can I save the newly advanced/retarded curve? If so, how? No, you cannot save the points you have changed while in the tuning mode. You must make a note of what you want and stop the engine. Then follow the procedure in (3) while you are in the edit mode.

6. Does it matter what coil I use? Yes! Although different cars have different requirements some use the Bosch Blue successfully and others the Bosch Red. In the following video a high resistance coil was originally used. The engine of this Porsche 911 2.2 would not rev above 5800 rpm. The coil was replaced with a Bosch Red lower resistance coil of 1.8. You be the judge.

7. Can I use it with EFI?

FI systems that need a signal from the distributor will not work. Here is a customer using the EZ EFI system successfully.

 This Video features the 123ignition in the 911 by Tech advisor Ian Carpenter - Listen to it fly! Meet Ian in the video below this.

This is a fun video of Ian Carpenter (Tech advisor) in an interview of him and his 911

Enjoy! Hope this helps