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Contributed Custom Curves for your 123

We cannot be responsible for what you load into your 123ignition. Too much advance coupled with pinging or a rattling sound can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. These curves can be modified once installed. You are responsible for what you load into your individual ignition.

You will need to manually enter the values into your TUNE or TUNE+ software

Click Here to Download TUNE EXE 2.3.3

Please Note: Limit your curve to as few points as possible. Usually 4 to 6 work best. Always use a timing light to confirm your timing is correct.

 Here are a couple ways to help you sync the app with the motor. Applies to programmable units

 1) Set a program in your app to 20* across all rpm's. Start the motor and verify that you have 20* at the crank. If you do not, simply loosen the distributor and adjust it until you do. Once you have 20* at the crank, tighten the distributor down. The app is now synchronized with the motor and you can now confidently add a program of your choice and know that it is accurate.

2) Pick any point along the curve along with the corresponding rpm of the curve point. Now verify with a timing light that the point on the app is the same at the crank with the same rpm. If not loosen the distributor and adjust it until you do. Then tighten down the distributor.

These examples are from the TUNE software

Example 1  (This curve should never be used)

Example 2 (Volkswagon Bosch-distributor

Example 3 (Mercedes 250SE, 250SL Bosch-distributor Negative Vacuum)

Example 4 (Idle control and gearshift retard)

Example 5 (Porsche 4 cyl Tuned Engines Bosch-distributor No vacuum)

Following Examples are contributed

Austin 1959-64 Austin Healey 3000 MK I/II, 1963-1967 40662 A/D Vac incl gear shift retard

BMW 2002 Tii 1969 - 1972

BMW 2002 Tii 1972 - 1975

BMW E9 3,0 CS/S/L Bosch nr: 0 231 309 005 with vacuum advance

BMW 1600-1602-1800-1802-518 M10 Bosch 0 231 180 004

MG MGA MGA 1622 (?) Lucasnr. 40510 ( DM2 ) static setting : - 10 degrees before TDC for all engines until number 4003 - 10 degrees before TDC for high compression engines after number 4003 - 05 degrees before TDC for low compression engines after number 4003

MGC Original Factory curve

PORSCHE 356 / 912 BOSCH 0 231 129 022 PORSCHE-4-R curve 5 Orginal No Vacuum.

GB6-R-V Setting #6

VW 0 231 129 009 Tuned VW engines with vacuum

VW one fits all

Volvo Penta B20 static setting : Q105A & AQ115A --> 9 degrees crankshaft AQ130A, B & C --> 12 degrees crankshaft BB115, AQ120 & MB20A --> 10 degrees crankshaft

Volvo Penta B20 static setting --> 5 degrees crankshaft replaces Bosch distributors : 0231.178.011 & 0231.178.005

Datsun 240 this is a jpg

Lotus Twin Cam Weber

Lotus Twin Cam Stromberg