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Your US Supplier of 123Ignitions.

 Two Models to choose from. Programable and Pre Programed- Switched.

What is the difference?

Switched Models have 16 pre mapped curves selectable by a switch.

"TUNE" Models are programable using a computer. Windows based PC

Advantage of the Tune, you can adjust any point along the curve without effecting the whole. You can zero in on the power band without effecting the start up advance or max (all in) advance.

Catering to Classic cars of all kinds

 74Mgb                  69Mgc


1. TUNE Software v1.8.1

2. TUNE Models Instructions

3. Switched 4 cyl models Instructions

4. Switched 6cyl models Instructions

The 123 Ignitionwas developed and is manufactured in the Netherlands. There are no springs or weights in this distributor. Everything is managed electronically. 


(R) Straight Up Cap (A) Angled Cap (V) vacuum 

Works with MSD6AL - Use Points Instructions that come with the MSD.

Make your classic run better than new using "Formula"  racing technology.

Ford Kent Now Available - Fits Ford Cross Flow and Lotus Twin Cam engines 

"Video" Comparison

See the difference

See You Tube Lessons on Tuning


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