• Datsun / Nissan 6 cyl wireset  8mm Silicon

    Datsun / Nissan 6 cyl wireset 8mm Silicon

    Six cylinder wireset for the following Datsun/Nissan 810 1977-81 L6 2.4 L24E EFI240Z 1970-73 L6 2.4 L24 SOHC260Z 1974-75 L6 2.6 L26 including 2+2280Z.280ZX 1975-78 L6 2.8 L28E including 2+2280ZX 1979-83 L6 2.8 L28E including 2+2MAXIMA 1982-84 L6 2.4...

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  • Datsun Tune 4cyl USB

    Datsun Tune 4cyl USB

    The Datsun TUNE for the four cylinder Datsuns uses a windows based computer to program this distributor. Please compare your 4 cylinder distributor with the diagram. What you are interested in is what goes into the block (43mm + 28mm minus 3mm for the...

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  • Datsun TUNE 6 cyl USB

    Datsun TUNE 6 cyl USB

    The 123\TUNE-6-R-V-DATSUN is designed for 6-cyl. engines: L24, L26, L28.If you want to tune your engine, or you have an engine for which there is no standard distributor available..... And you are a Windows PC user, the 123\TUNE is the answer! By...

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