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Bluetooth Programming and tips

The weak spot in the TUNE+ is often a connectivity issue. Please be patient... it is not like plugging in your TV, although that is getting to be increasingly a challenge. I don't claim to have all the answers but here are some things I have found helpful that you can try.

1) On your phone remove any devices that may be looking for the phones attention. 

2)Energize the 123 then turn on the phone app. Make sure your phone is searching for devices - It should automatically connect. (Sometimes you need to shut down the app and re-start. Some have had to Uninstall and Reinstall the app. When that is the case you should delete the cache in the phones memory before reinstalling the app. Each phone is different so Google on your computer how to delete cache on your particular phone.)

3) If it did not connect, on the settings page tap the magnifying glass. When the 123 text shows up you may need to tap on it to connect.

4) Once connected and it reads the curve in the app you will be prompted to enter a code. The default is 1234.

5) Now that you are in the app it is time to program. I have an Android so my tips take that into consideration. Apple may look a little different.

6) There will be a curve in the app. It is not intended to be for anything. Although your car may run on it but may not be accurate.

A) Tap Edit Advance Curve - Delete all the points with a trash can next to it. You will notice that the DONE or SAVE BUTTON will now be lit up.

At this point any changes you make to the curve can be saved. Including the Max RPM in the top right corner.

Anytime you want to make permanent changes you will need to stop the vehicle and open the app to enter the data points.

Hope this Helps