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Blue Tooth Trouble Shooting and Reset

Problems connecting to the Bluetooth?

A solid blue light indicates that Bluetooth is working.

A flashing blue light indicates no connection.

1) Try this first: Energize the 123 then turn on the phone app. This often results in a connection. Sometimes closing the app and reopening will create a connection.

2) To Reset: move the black wire to the + side of the coil and turn on the power until you get a solid blue light. This will reset the unit but not delete the stored curve.

3) In some cases you may need to delete the app and reinstall. Make sure you delete the cache memory on the phone before you reinstall the app.

4) If you have trouble with the app storing points that you did not program into it. Make sure the starting rpm is 500 and the last rpm is 8000

5) Although the app will allow 10 points It is best to limit to 5 or 6 points

Sending feedback via the feedback tab at the bottom of the settings page is highly recommended. This sends a log file to the IT department at the factory. You can also try some of the following tips.

Hope this helps