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Phone orders 9am to 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. 440-668-8164

Definition of Models:

Bluetooth Programmable = Program with Phone or device.

Android 123\TUNE+ or Apple 123\TUNE

PC Programmable = Program with a PC, Download software and cable required 

Switched = Preset curves you select via a switch.


We love to help, please use our contact tab above. See the help button for installation issues.

These distributors have state of the art electronics. You should have a good understanding of the basic principles for installing distributors. ALWAYS! confirm your timing at the crankshaft against a point in the app with a timing light. This will sync the app and the motor.

If you do not feel qualified please reach out to your mechanic.

Plug Wires

A word about which wires to use.

All plug wires should work with the 123ignition. For best performance a non copper wire can be used. Based on this our wires are all made to our specs and are non copper.

Our Plug Wires are special order and require 7 day lead time.

Wires that were originally made out of copper, are made to our specs using MagWire. See specs below

These are a wire wound conductor composed of an aramid fiber strength member, coated with latex and wound with stainless steel measuring a resistance of 500 ohms/ft (+or- 10%).  The conductor is also coated with a pass of release agent for proper wire stripping.

Core (First Pass):  Wire wound conductor insulated with a layer of EPDM or EPS rubber.  The diameter of this layer ranges of 0.188" to 0.235 (+or- 0.005") depending of the electrical requirements of the wire.

Strength member:  A high strength synthetic mesh tape used between core material and jacket to strengthen finished product.

Jacket (Second Pass):  Silicone or EPDM rubber extruded over core material and strength member measuring a diameter of 8MM +or- 0.13MM (-.315"

+or- .005").  The jacket provides the product with high temperature and chemical resistance.

It meets the standards of ISO 3808 Class C, Type4.(EDPM) Class E Type 4 (Silicone)