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Definition of Models:

Bluetooth Programmable = Program with Phone or device.

Android 123\TUNE+ or Apple 123\TUNE

PC Programmable = Program with a PC, Download software and cable required 

Switched = Preset curves you select via a switch.


We love to help, please use our contact tab above. See the help button for installation issues.

These distributors have state of the art electronics. You should have a good understanding of the basic principles for installing distributors. ALWAYS! confirm your timing at the crankshaft against a point in the app with a timing light. This will sync the app and the motor.

If you do not feel qualified please reach out to your mechanic.

German Cars

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914 Contributed 7-18-22
Thanks for all your support. Put the blue coil in, hooked everything back up and it ran great with a bit of tweaking to get it to fire. The coil I was running before was a much physically smaller Napa brand one, don’t know it it matters but the blue coil seemed to help! One thing I did different aside from putting in the coil is I set the green light but after that I worried more about where the ignition lead for cylinder 1 was in relation to the rotor rather than being fixated on the green light. Set up a map with 0* advance, timed the car to the mark on the flywheel, shut it down, set up a curve and it runs great!  I’ve never felt it pull so smoothly. Thanks again for all your help!
I know you are a car guy so I’d like to share a story that you will be proud to now be a part of…the car I’m working with is a Porsche 914 that my grandfather bought new in 1972. When I got it in 2020 it hadn’t run since 1984.  I ended up having to drive almost across Canada to get it and it was a long process. The professional auto transporters wouldn’t touch it because it had been sitting so long and the brakes were seized so I saved up and bought a car trailer and tackled the 3400 km (2100 mile) drive to rescue it, sight unseen. My grandfather would be so thrilled to see how well the car runs today thanks to your help and the technological advancements made with this distributor. With the car I received a complete service history of the car (100+ pages) and almost every time it had service timing/dwell and related behavior always seemed to be an issue. I am glad to be able to permanently close that chapter in the cars life!
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    Tachometer Adapter

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