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123ignitions explained

These videos are from the mfg in the Netherlands

We are your US Supplier of 123Ignitions.

 Three Models to choose from. Programmable - USB and Bluetooth connections and Pre Programed- Switched.

These formats are dedicated and not shared between 123ignitions.

What is the difference?

Switched Models have 16 pre mapped curves selectable by a switch.

"TUNE" Models are programmable using a computer Windows based PC. The Bluetooth TUNE+  is programmable using an Apple or Android Device. (See your app store)

Advantage of the Tune and TUNE+, you can adjust any point along the curve without effecting the whole. You can zero in on the power band without effecting the start up advance or max (all in) advance.

Spark balancing

Spark balancing is an advanced technology normally used in Formula 1, where engine speeds are tremendously high. This technique is built into this distributor. Its microprocessor constantly monitors the amount of energy contributed by each individual cylinder. Assume for example that the compression of one cylinder differs from the others. The motion of the flywheel would be less smooth, and so is the motion of the camshaft. This distributor detects this, and adjusts the timing of each cylinder individually. This results in a much quieter engine, more power and less wear.