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  • Bluetooth replacement for Fiat 1100 w/Marelli 103 Type Distributor

Blue Tooth Fiat 1100 w/Marelli 103 distributor

TUNE+ 4-R-V-D Marelli 103 Replacement

Product Description

123ignition : fantastic products for classic cars


New Bluetooth

for the Fiat 1100 w/ Marelli 103 type distributor

123ignition has become a reputable brand-name in the world of ignition systems for classic cars. The units are designed with respect for the originality of the classic vehicle.

While the outside still looks like an original distributor, the inside hides a lot of 'high-tech', that performs it's task without any wear.

- Standard ignition units are available per car-brand, with all the popular advance-curves pre-programmed

- Programmable ignition units are available for those wanting to tune their engines.

123ignition is proud to announce the first fully programmable wireless Bluetooth 4.0 ignition! Control your 123\TUNE+ with your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet. The App makes it possible to adjust the ignition curve and shows an electronic dashboard.

Main features: REV-counter, Antitheft system by a PIN code, Bluetooth 4.0, Real time tuning, Vacuum advance, Boost retard, Soft REV-limiter, etc.

The TUNE+ will run on all iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and on Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 in the future. The Android App is under construction.

installation manual

123 tune+ dashboard
123 lpg screenshots
123 lpg screenshots

Here are all the features offered :

- rotation CW and CCW ( autodetect )
- for 6 Volt and/or 12 Volt cars ( autodetect )
- variable dwell constant current, fully autom. ( autodetect )
- coil current protection time-out after 1 second ( autodetect )
- for positive and negative earthed cars ( 123\TUNE-8 is for ONLY )
- programmable centrifugal advance curve ( 500 to 8000 rpm )
- programmable vacuum-advance and boost-retard curve ( 0 to 200 kPa or -30 inHg to +15 psi )
- rev.limiters ( advanced random spark stealing )
- real-time tuning ( ideal for working on a rolling road )

Electronic "dashboard" with :

-temperature gauge ( selectable in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit )
-manifold pressure ( selectable in Bar or inches Hg / Psi )
-rev. counter ( 0 to 8000 rpm crankshaft )
-spark-energy gauge ( primary coil current )
-total-advance gauge ( in degrees crankshaft )

Available in 4- , 6- and 8- cylinder models with various sizes and shapes.

Below you will find linedrawings with the dimensions of the different models available. The four-cylinder model, can be supplied with a top-entry or with a side-entry cap.
The six-cylinder model however can only be supplied with a top-entry cap.

Fifteen different shapes can be supplied for the 4- resp 6-cylinder
123\TUNE+, indicated in the last position of the type-number ( e.g. "123\TUNE+-4-R-V-BMW" ) :

"G" is suited to replace many Lucas distributors ( MG,Jaguar,Triumph )

"M" is suited to replace many Bosch distributors ( Mercedes )

"D" is suited to replace many Ducellier's ( Citroen,Alfa )

"V" is suited to replace many Bosch distributors ( VW, Porsche, Volvo )

"KENT" is suited for so-called "FORD-KENT"-engines, and are supplied with a mounting bracket.

"BMW" is suited for "BMW-M10"-engines.

"DUC" is suited to replace many Ducellier's distributors ( Comes with Ducellier cap & rotor )

"REN" is suited to replace many Renault distributors (Comes with Ducellier cap & rotor )

"MINI-A+" is suited for “Mini A+” engines

"B21-B23" is suited for “Volvo B21-B23” engines

"FIAT-TC" is suited for so-called “Fiat twin-cam” engines

"LANCIA" is suited for the Lancia Fulvia.

"PORSCHE 6 SMALL" is suited for the Porsche 911 2,0 & 2,2 L engines.

"PORSCHE 6 BIG" is suited for the Porsche 911 2,4 - 2,7 & 3,3 L engines.

"DATSUN" is suited for the Datsun/Nissan engines.

By selecting the right model, you can minimize the mechanical amount of work to adapt the 123\TUNE+ to your engine.

For the 8-cyl. 123\TUNE+, so far, three models are available.( for Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Rover )


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